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At - Ghent University, a diverse team of researchers strives to transform microbial (lab) strains into cell factories, as such enabling the transition towards a biobased economy.​​ To accomplish this goal, state of the art interdisciplinary techniques are applied in an integrated approach, combining molecular tool-, strain- and process development. has been active in the field of industrial biotechnology for over 15 years, amongst others resulting in the founding of the spin off company Inbiose. Moreover, 's close collaboration with the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant in several research projects, enables to bring cutting edge technologies to the next level, through process development and scale up.

The VUB offers a wide range of over thirty taught masters, advanced masters, postgraduate certificate programs and PhD programs taught in English. These programs fall into several large categories including Engineering; Science and Bio Engineering Sciences; Economic, Political, and Social Sciences; Law and Criminology; Arts and Philosophy; Psychology and Educational Sciences; and Medicine and Pharmacy. Some specific examples of the offered programs include MS Civil Engineering, MS Biomolecular Sciences, MS Communication Studies, MS Management, MS Advanced Studies in Linguistics, and MS in Educational Sciences. For more information and a complete list of specific programs, visit /en/programmes/

The IMRD master course programme, is a high level academic programme aimed at training top students from all over the world into specialists in integrated rural development, focussed on socio-economic and institutional aspects ; not only from the European Union but also from developed, developing and transition countries outside the EU.

The  IMRD master course programme is a 2 year master programme (120 ECTS) jointly organised by 16 worldwide leading universities in rural development and agricultural economics. The methodology consists of a combination of basic and specialised training in technical, economic and social sciences, a case study of one month, an individual master thesis and a high extent of student and scholar mobility .

Thesis ugent

thesis ugent


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