Sociology essay introduction

The birth of gigantic factories led to urbanisation and big cities came into existence. Many labourers, who were out of employment in rural areas migrated to the sites to work and settled around it. As the cities grew, so did the community of ‘labourers and with it was felt the need for all civic amenities which are essential for society. Their needs were fulfilled by establishing market centers, schools, colleges, hospitals, and recreation clubs. The area further developed when new business came to it with the formation of large business houses.

The Department of Sociology at the University of Malta is a centre for the advanced study and practice of sociology. The Department's activities revolve around scholarly research by its members, the teaching of undergraduate students, and the supervision of . and . research students. It also services a number of University Departments, Institutes, and Programmes through the provision of lecturing, tutoring, and supervision resources.

Besides its full-time staff complement, all of whom hold doctoral qualifications from prestigious Universities, the Department makes regular use of the services of practitioners of sociology and related areas residing in the Maltese Islands. The Department also maintains a healthy exchange of student (through programmes such as Erasmus), teaching, and research resources with higher institutions of learning worldwide.

Sociology resources at the University of Malta include the book collections in the University library, the various journals which the library subscribes to, and the collection of sociology films and documentaries at the Centre for Communication Technology (CCT). Students are encouraged to make use of these resources.

Sociology essay introduction

sociology essay introduction


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