Significant accomplishments essay

Daniel Shays did not lead the whole rebellion. There were other men, such as Luke Day, who led their own regiment. Shays' Rebellion was not all poor farmers, either. If you look at the records, there were about 4,000 men involved in this rebellion and they were from many different walks of life. Some of them were even well off. I don't like these sights that read a summary of something and they think they know everything. If you want to know how Shays' Rebellion really went down, read the book by Leonard Richards. Don't look to this website for answers.

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Dust:   Texas '00   |   Northern Africa '06   |   West Africa '08
Fires:   Appalachians '00   |   Oregon '02   |   California '07
Snow/Ice:   Northeast Snow '02   |   Antarctica Icebergs '02   |   Texas '07
Tropical Cyclones:   Andrew '92   |   Georges, Ivan, Jeanne and Karl '98   |   Mitch '98   |  
Isabel '03   |   Jeanne'04  |   Dennis'05  |   Katrina '05  |   Epsilon '05  |   Dean '07
Volcanoes:   Guagua Pichincha '99   |   Soufriere Hills '99   |   Iceland '00   |   Anatahan '05

Significant accomplishments essay

significant accomplishments essay


significant accomplishments essaysignificant accomplishments essaysignificant accomplishments essaysignificant accomplishments essay