Mystic river essay

In 1922 Krishnamurti and Nitya travelled from Sydney to California . In California they stayed at a cottage in the Ojai Valley . It was thought that the area's climate would be beneficial to Nitya, who had been diagnosed with tuberculosis . Nitya's failing health became a concern for Krishnamurti. [36] [37] At Ojai they met Rosalind Williams , a young American who became close to them both, and who was later to play a significant role in Krishnamurti's life. [38] For the first time the brothers were without immediate supervision by their Theosophical Society minders. [39] They found the Valley to be very agreeable. Eventually a trust , formed by supporters, bought a cottage and surrounding property there for them. This became Krishnamurti's official residence. [40]

This was a new realization about time structures:  because they are built on silence, they can permit anything at all to happen within them.  Given a set phrase length, any sound at all could find a home within it; this was just an extension of Cage’s earlier belief in the equality of all sounds.  But beyond this, the empty time structure does not require any particular continuity, syntax, ordering, or sense of progress of the sounds within it.  A composition structured as lengths of time does not rely upon the sounds themselves to create the structure:  it exists with or without them and it is silent about how they should come and go.  It is like the ongoing cycle of the moon?new to full to new again?which unfolds in the sky.  The activities of people, for the most part, take place independently of it, although still within the grand time structure of this cycle.  There is a silence within that lunar cycle within which our lives unfold.

Mystic river essay

mystic river essay


mystic river essaymystic river essaymystic river essaymystic river essay