Microbiology lab report example

Stuck having to write daily lab reports for your undergraduate microbiology course? Fear not! Below are step by step instructions on how to approach and construct an effective microbiology lab report! Typically these reports are handwritten, recorded in a lab research notebook, and they don’t require much editing and review like a formal typed lab report. Part 1 focuses on the most important part of the report, how to obtain your desired grade. Part 2 and 3 gives you an efficient approach on how to gain information before the experiment and what to record during the experiment. Part 4 describes the structural components of a handwritten microbiology lab report.

Most units of study will include an online laboratory session. You are assigned an unknown microbe at the beginning of each laboratory session and it is then up to you to perform tests in order to identify your mystery microbe! These simulated tests, like the ones actually used in the lab, will improve your ability to identify microorganisms. The labs will demonstrate the logic and judgment used for identifying bacteria. During the laboratory you will choose the media and chemical tests necessary to progressively eliminate all other bacteria except the unknown bacterium.

Microbiology lab report example

microbiology lab report example


microbiology lab report examplemicrobiology lab report examplemicrobiology lab report examplemicrobiology lab report example