Michael doyle democratic peace thesis

Globalization and the impact of multinationals on local communities . Multinationals can impact upon communities in very diverse places. First, they look to establish or contract operations (production, service and sales) in countries and regions where they can exploit cheaper labour and resources. While this can mean additional wealth flowing into those communities, this form of ‘globalization’ entails significant inequalities. It can also mean large scale unemployment in those communities where those industries were previously located. The wages paid in the new settings can be minimal, and worker’s rights and conditions poor. For example, a 1998 survey of special economic zones in China showed that manufacturers for companies like Ralph Lauren, Adidas and Nike were paying as little as 13 cents per hour (a ‘living wage’ in that area is around 87 cents per hour). In the United States workers doing similar jobs might expect US$10 per hour (Klein 2001: 212).

Doyle has taught at the University of Warwick , Johns Hopkins University, Princeton University , and Yale Law School. At Princeton University, he directed the Center of International Studies and chaired the Editorial Board and the Committee of Editors of World Politics . He has long been a member and is now the chair of the board of the International Peace Institute. He was also a member of the External Research Advisory Committee of the UNHCR and the Advisory Committee of the Lessons-Learned Unit of the Department of Peace-Keeping Operations (UN). He is a member of Council of Foreign Relations , New York.

Michael doyle democratic peace thesis

michael doyle democratic peace thesis


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