English regents example essays

(Fulfills the general education requirement in upper-level advanced writing.) Prerequisite: WRTG 101 or WRTG 101S. Instruction and practice in academic research skills. The objective is to critically analyze scholarly sources and effectively integrate source material into a complex argument. Assignments include prewriting exercises, a critique, a critical annotated bibliography, a literature review, and a statement of proposed research. Students may receive credit for only one of the following courses: ENGL 391, ENGL 391X, WRTG 391, or WRTG 391X.

The evaluation procedures may also utilize a written system of peer evaluations, with emphasis placed on the faculty member’s professional development. In those cases in which a faculty member’s primary responsibilities do not include teaching, the evaluation should focus on excellence in those areas (., research, administration) where the individual’s major responsibilities lie. Institutional policies and procedures shall ensure that each faculty member will receive a written report of each evaluation and that the results of the evaluation will be reflected in the faculty member’s annual salary recommendations. Institutions will ensure that the individuals responsible for conducting performance evaluations are appropriately trained to carry out such evaluations (BoR Minutes, 1979-80, p. 50; 1983-84, p. 36; May, 1996, p. 52).

English regents example essays

english regents example essays


english regents example essaysenglish regents example essaysenglish regents example essaysenglish regents example essays