Electronics coursework

The . Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that as of May 2015, the median annual salary of the 139,080 electrical and electronics engineering technicians employed throughout the . was $61,130 ( ). Those states with the highest salaries for electronics technicians in 2015 were the District of Columbia, Alaska, Maryland, Nevada, and Hawaii. The BLS anticipates a 2% decline in the number of jobs from 2014-2024; however, certain specialized sectors, such as computer electronics technology, may experience higher growth than the field as a whole.

At ECPI University, you learn from seasoned professionals, faculty members who possess academic credentials supported by real-world experience. Classrooms and labs are outfitted with industry equipment, and curriculum is designed with input from industry professionals. They help faculty members develop programs designed to produce graduates who fulfill the needs of today’s employers. The program has a history of successful graduates and encourages students to seek certifications and internships to enhance a graduates marketability in the workforce. ECPI’s Electronics Engineering Technology program can help you learn how to:

Electronics coursework

electronics coursework


electronics courseworkelectronics courseworkelectronics courseworkelectronics coursework