Do your homework 6 9

This means that you, as the landlord, must meet certain standards and obligations. For example, you must ensure gas safety checks are carried out every year and electrics tested every five years. You'll also need to install and maintain proper fire safety measures including smoke detectors in every bedroom. If the property has three or more storeys, five or more unrelated people living there, or there are two or more households living there, you will need to register your HMO with the council and secure a licence before you start to see those promised returns.

Also, the teachers seem to think that their class takes precedence over every other class. In honors, I expect reasonable homework, not busy work. We go to school for 8 hours right after we wake up. We go home and get homework that takes us 10 hours straight… sorry, not going to work out. Every teacher sees an hour of their homework as one hour of homework. Multiply that times 7, guys. even better, add a job, sports and clubs (which are all required to get into a decent college.) into the mix. and you mock us and give us detentions for being tired in the morning and hungry before lunch… what’s sleep? I’ve never tried it. Dinner? I think I had that once. All I know is work. I live weekend to weekend, summer to summer.

Over the four years that I have been in high school, I’ve had my fair share of homework. Of course there have been days where I have very little, but then there are other days where each teachers continuously add to my work load. If teachers found a good way to balance out the work with each class, homework and the stress it carries with it would not be as bad. But that often doesn’t happen. For me, the reason it becomes so stressful is simply because of how busy I am. It’s not because I don’t care about my grades, or I see homework as totally pointless, but being involved in sports takes up a lot of my time, and I often have to hurry through homework, not really retaining the true purpose of it. However, when I do have enough time, I find that homework can help me understand new concepts better, because the more repetition I have with something, the better I get at it. Overall, I have mixed feelings about the idea of homework. It’s really only beneficial if there is not a surplus of it, and kids take the time to really focus. I also feel like homework should not be such a pressured thing, and it’s a better practice for teachers not to grade it, but simply go over it in class to reward the kids who did their work, but not punish them if they didn’t understand the concept and got problems wrong.

Do your homework 6 9

do your homework 6 9


do your homework 6 9do your homework 6 9do your homework 6 9do your homework 6 9