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The Renaissance was primarily thought of as being a period in which the revival of learning flourished, and the arts changed for the better and ideas became more focused life on earth. It was a time when new ideas of individualism, the thought of secularism and the interest in human ideas jumpstarted a new and freer lifestyle for everyone. The new ideas formed in the renaissance made enough impact on the world them and ever since that it deserves to be called its own era. The medieval times was filled with ideas based just around the church.

Therefore the humanists have exaggerated their importance. The “renaissance” was no more than the high point of the Middle Ages. ·Petrarch was a humanist who was concerned with things of this world—not heaven. He was a man of the Renaissance. ·Erasmus was critical both of the religious orders and the Church, who, he believed, were interested only in money and drink. In contrast, Erasmus viewed the secular rulers as knowledgeable leaders. He admired the English court and King Henry VIII, who, he hoped, would provide leadership. DaVinci, a complex man of the Renaissance, was interested in anatomy and the realistic portrayal of the human body. He was the ideal man of the Renaissance due to his many talents and interests. ·Kepler, an astronomer, used observation and mathematics to prove his thesis. He did not accept what he was told by the Church or the ancients. Instead, he proved his theories. ·There were many universities founded in the twelfth through fifteenth centuries, leading to the conclusion that there were centers of learning established and thriving in Italy, France, and Great Britain throughout the Middle Ages. Related posts:

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Dbq essay renaissance

dbq essay renaissance


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