Civil service mains essay paper 2014

Here, we have provided a complete study material for IAS Prelims Exam 2018 including IAS Exam Syllabus, tips and strategy, IAS Toppers videos and IAS/PCS' inspirational stories. The given study materials of IAS Prelims Exam are simultaneously important for IAS Mains Exam including PCS Exams of various states in the country. The study material of the various subjects have been developed by keeping in a view of the basic requirements of the IAS Exam and special focus has been given to the current affairs section because of the changing focus of the UPSC in the last two years.

2) In geography, focus on understanding the concept. For some topics in Geography you should refer Wikipedia and other sources on net. Once concept is clear, it doesn’t matter from which book you have read. You can always answer in your own words. That is why make notes and keep them ready. (Barchans are formed in the places where land is flat, non undulating, sand is evenly distributed and there is a consistent wind from one direction. these are migrating dunes. They are formed transverse, across to the wind direction….. actually it should be explained through diagram. See below)

Sir i really need ur valuable suggestion, i hv passed 12 with pcb n aspire for upsc. I want to take arts after 12 and i knw political science, economics, sociology,geography and history are important subjects and all are offered in ba only(plz correct me if i am wrong).sir i am new to these subjects and i love these subjects coz i always wanted to know about my country and surroundings except economics coz i dont even know what is economics but am willing to go a step but it wud be more comfortable to me if i take bio subjects like microbiology,zoology in . as i have a basic background from
biology. what are the most preferrable things i can u guide me with these ?it will be highly in advance.

Civil service mains essay paper 2014

civil service mains essay paper 2014


civil service mains essay paper 2014civil service mains essay paper 2014civil service mains essay paper 2014civil service mains essay paper 2014