Arsenic essays

As early as 2001, local residents were organising against Sonae in a call to shut the plant down due to health fears. 3 Evidence gathered by the community group Knowsley Against Toxic Sonae included the results of monitoring local public and environmental health effects since the plant’s opening, revealing symptoms associated with exposure to formaldehyde which worsened with the appearance of black/brown smoke and haze from the factory. They also reported systematic fugitive emissions and health and safety problems that were not reported to the relevant authorities by factory management, in breach of the law. 4

By treating the study of antiquity as completely irrelevant to civic life and by suggesting that in any case only a tiny elite could study the ancient world with adequate rigor, Poliziano departed from the tradition of classical studies in Florence. Earlier Florentine humanists had studied the ancient world in order to become better men and citizens. Poliziano by contrast insisted above all on the need to understand the past in the light of every possibly relevant bit of evidence — and to scrap any belief about the past that did not rest on firm documentary foundations ... [But] when he set ancient works back into their historical context Poliziano eliminated whatever contemporary relevance they might have had. [14]

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Arsenic essays

arsenic essays


arsenic essaysarsenic essaysarsenic essaysarsenic essays