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In Lotze’s hands, the “Principle of Teleomechanism” (., that ultimate explanations should have the hybrid form described above) shapes logic, metaphysics and science through what he calls idealities (Orth 1986, p. 45)- the fundamental orienting concepts of these fields. Among the idealities are ethical values, logical validities and aesthetic worth. In science and metaphysics, the idealities of spatial and temporal order, the principle of atomicity (cf. section ,e) and the aforementioned relationism (cf. the opening summary at the head of this article), play a central role.

Having established the basic symbolism that a leopard hides, watches and then attacks when it can it is worth noting one feature of the leopard in prophetic passages: it forms the basis of composite creatures. In Dan 7:6 and Rev 13:2 a beast is described that is similar to a leopard. However in both cases the mode of transportation of the beast is provided by some other creature: wings in the case of Daniel and bear's feet in the case of Revelation. It must therefore be the secretive, watchful and possibly hidden nature that is the basis of these animals.

Arguably essays pdf

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